Eventeers Mission

Eventeers encourages people to learn through experiences. We are a non-profit organization in the field of non-formal learning. Our aim is to teach through experiences by combining adventure with personal development and lifelong learning. Through their experiences we aim to teach people about the world around them, whilst enjoying time with others of the comunity We facilitate work, play and learning experiences, and make them available for everyone through our different events. An example of one of our events is Expedition Ruhr where we teach people about the history of the rural areas through games and activities.

About the game

The game involves teams going around the rural areas in search of pictures that show a partial image of where the next clue for their next mission is hidden. Whilst doing this they learn about the environment that they are exploring.The missions are divided into three categories: Industry, Culture and Nature. You download an app that also helps you solve clues or find out how far along another team is.The whole game lasts 2-3 days, Friday to Sunday.
This game is for anyone courageous enough to solve the tough riddles and questions. Or for someone who enjoys capturing the essence of history as there will be picturesque views and historical landmarks.

Eventeers (KvK: 08169894),
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Jeroen(T 06 415 06 910),
Johannes(T 06 224 90 507)